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Welcome to, a growing resource of information about buying or hiring a range of musical instruments & equipment, and a directory of music shops currently covering South West London & Surrey.
Whatever you are looking for be it a guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, amplification, PA equipment, strings, leads, cases, effects, pedals, recording equipment or any instrument or music related equipment or software, here you will find the nearest music shops to you and the contact info to find out if they have what you need.

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If you are looking to make a musical instrument or equipment purchase and feel you could do with knowing more about what your're after, here is some advice based on years of experience as gigging musicians and from running a busy jam session where we come across all sorts of gear at every level and have to supply back-line, PA etc. for a wide range of players. There are only a few sections at the moment, but there's a lot more in the pipeline plus expanded information about music shops in your area on the way, so please come back soon to see more - we hope you find it useful :-)
NEW - PA Mixer Buying Advice Section
NEW - Music shops in Sussex
NEW - Expanded info for music shop listings
NEW - Bass Guitar Buying Advice Section
Buying a PA System?
How much power do you need?
Active or passive speakers?
What about crossovers?
Pic coming soon
Buying a Bass Amp?
Combo or separates?
What size speakers are best?
Valve, solid state or hybrid?
Pic coming soon
Buying a Guitar?
How do I know if a guitar is any good?
What are "action" & "intonation"?
Pic coming soon
Come back soon for extended info and new articles on:
PA mixers
Guitar amplifiers
And more in preparation, it's always worth checking back :-)
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